Federal Pharmacy Education & Review Center
Federal Pharmacy Education & Review Center
Federal Pharmacy Education & Review Center
Federal Pharmacy Education & Review Center
Federal Pharmacy Education & Review Center
Federal Pharmacy Education & Review Center
Federal Pharmacy Education & Review Center
Federal Pharmacy Education & Review Center
Federal Pharmacy Education & Review Center
Federal Pharmacy Education & Review Center

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What you need to know
Review in general
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What you need to know: In General

1. Are there opportunities for us Filipino Pharmacists to work abroad?

Absolutely, The United States, Australia and Canada opened up the opportunities for Foreign-Trained Pharmacists to be employed as long as they met the required examinations.

Severe shortage of pharmacists in the first world countries is becoming a problem. In the United States greater chances to work there as a pharmacists are expected to grow faster as compared to other average occupations. In January 2003, a survey was made by the National Association of Chain Drugstores. The survey reported that there were 5,499 vacancies for pharmacist position. With retail pharmacies expected to fill 4 billion prescription by 2006 up from 3 billion in 2001.

Another survey was conducted by the Canadian Association of Chain Drugstores (CACDS) in February 2000. This association reported that the chain drug retailers are short by approximately 1000 pharmacists excluding vacancies among independent drugstore companies.

In Australia opportunities for pharmacists to work there have increased. The easiest and the most popular way of entering and working are by means of immigration. One of the occupation included in the Demand List (MODL) for migration are Pharmacists, but you have to complete the necessary requirements.

2. I am not qualified to take the U.S. exams are there other options for me to work overseas?

Definitely, The Australian Pharmacy Examining Council (APEC) had opened up opportunities for Foreign-Trained Pharmacists to practice their profession if they passed the evaluating examination.

In Canada, Internationally trained Pharmacist can also avail their chance to be employed by passing the PEBC Evaluating exams.

3. What are the purposes of this review?

The purpose of this review is to help aspiring Filipino Pharmacists, pass their respective examinations in the U.S.A, Australia and Canada.

We structured our learning program within the reach of our clients by providing them informative, updated and well motivated lectures. This method will help them answer and comprehend complex subjects in order to pass the test.

4. What are the benefits in joining a review class?

Joining a review class will enhance your ability to comprehend difficult subject matters. It will guide you to answer questions from simple to complex. It will also lead you to discover your strengths and weaknesses. Joining the class can establish a network of friends who can share knowledge and relevant topics included in the exam.

5. How difficult is the exam? Is it the same as our local board exam in the Philippines?

All of the exam passers found the test difficult. There is a great difference if we compare it to our local boards. The international exams do not focus on scientific names of plants and compounding procedures or what we call Traditional Pharmacy Practice. These exams focus more on the clinical aspects of drugs and at the same time on the healthcare systems and policies in the first world countries.

6. How long should I prepare for the exam?

Some students can finish their review within 5 months while some take it for a year. Preparing for the exam depends upon the studentís capability and interest to finish the subject areas covered by the test.

Joining our review class may help you shorten the length of your study time.

7. Do you think I can pass the exam if I study on my own?

It is not impossible to pass the exam if you study by yourself, but it is more risky on your part to take chances because failure decreases self-confidence and it creates fear. Retaking the test is also very impractical because the exam is expensive.

If you study on your own, the probability of passing the test is lesser compared to students who had undertaken a review class.

8. I am a registered pharmacist but I have not practiced my profession. Would I be able to pass the exam?

Of course, passing the test does not depend on the personís experience on the pharmacy practice here in the Philippines. It depends upon your will and decision to do all means in order to pass the exam.

Most of the exam passers that we know did not practiced in the community or hospital pharmacy, but still they were successful in passing the test because of their great self-determination in studying for the exams.

9. I am very much interested to take the exam, is there an assurance for me to pass it if I join in your review class?

Passing the exam will totally depend on the individual. There is no existing review center that can guarantee you to pass the test without your desire to help yourself. Our duty is to provide you the most complete, intensive and easy to understand review program to assist you in studying and achieving your goal.

10. What are the advantages of your review center compared to other review centers?

11. Aside from the review, what else can you offer us?

Our team of actual examination passers will provide you with FREE consultations on how to go about the updated application process.
We will also offer you FREE final briefing before undergoing the test. (Please check our schedules)

12. I have already joined a review class before and I was not quite satisfied, what more can this review center offer me?

We are committed to provide our clients with the MOST comprehensive review that is why we focused our review curriculum to the actual examination study guide.

We offer more essential subjects, more lecture hours and more review materials for you to utilize.

13. Would you assist us in the processing of the application for the exams?

Our team can only assist you by providing free consultations on the application process, because the documents needed for the exam application can only be procured by yourself.

14. Will you help me get the VISA required to be able to take the exam?

There is no person or agency that can influence the embassies or the visa giving bodies. You must personally apply for your visa and follow the standard operating procedures of the embassy.

We can give you pointers on your interview but we cannot give you the actual visa.

15. Would you find us work when I pass the exam?

Our company is an Education Center. We will give you the privilege on whom and how to contact possible employers or pharmacy recruiters especially in the U.S. The actual processing and communication should be done by the person who is applying for the job.

Our company is not a recruitment agency because we firmly believe that the greatest advantage of direct hiring is that the FULL benefits and salaries must be given to the employee and not to the recruitment agency.

16. Can I join the review even if I have no plans to wok overseas as of this moment?

Yes, we highly encourage the idea of updating your knowledge on the advancements of the pharmacy practice here and abroad.

We totally support pharmacists who want to be educated as early as possible about the evolving role of our profession in the industrialized nations.

17. I want to know more about the examination process and my opportunities abroad before enrolling in your review, can you give me an idea regarding this?

Our Education Center is dedicated to help and share what we know about the opportunities of Filipino pharmacists abroad.

We encourage interested pharmacists to know more about their potentials by attending our orientations every month. We will inform you regarding the right way to apply for the exam, the different processes you are to undergo and the services we are to offer you.

18. I am a Filipino Pharmacist living in another country. I am willing to go to the Philippines for a short period of time just to review. Can you help me?

Yes, we do offer personal tutorials but it will be more expensive on your part. The actual charge will depend on the topics that you want to be covered.

If you want to cut the cost please form a group. We need at least 100 hours of your time to complete the review. Please email us (fpreviewcenter@yahoo.com) and inform us ahead of time if you want to avail this.

19. Do you limit your education center in Metro Manila only?

No, we will extend our center up to the farthest place in the archipelago as long as there will be enough reviewees.

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