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Beaches galore!!!
Nasugbu prides itself in having some of the Philippines' finest beaches. Blessed with clear blue waters, coves and white sands are Ampay, Baklas Point, Bamboo, Jamilo Cove, Maya-Maya, Natipuan, Pinamaltakan, Pinagdakutan, Punta Buri, Punta Fuego, Taytayeng Munti, Tali and White Sands. Resorts along the shore, among them the luxurious White Cove Hotel and Resort, provide comfortable accomodations and dining facilities. White Cove is being developed into an upscale vacation community and a world-class destination for high-end local and foreign tourists. It features hotel and residential condominium units with a spectacular view of the sand and the sea. The hotel will have a banquet hall and a convention center, among others. It is envisioned to cater to both local and international leisure and convention markets. Some resorts offer a wide range of watersports. The cove gardens of Maya-Maya will surely delight diving enthusiasts. With a variety of colorful marine life, it is one of the Philippines' best dive sites. The resorts along Apacible Boulevard are favored by Nasugbueños for relaxation or watching the setting sun which produces a dazzling tapestry of orangey and reddish hues. The boulevard experienced a boom in the 1980's when Nasugbu businessman John Ilao put up Johndel Beach Resort. Others followed suit and now there are a variety of facilities catering to a range of budgets. Among the boulevard's notable resorts are Mariner's Beach Resort, Alix Beach Resort, Costa Briza Lanai, Esther's Beach Resort, Feast of the Tabernacle Beach Resort, Fiesta 2000 Resort and Restaurant, Freddie Reyes Beach Resort, La Alpae Beach Resort, La Carleo Beach Resort and Restaurant, Maligaya Beach Resort, Marlou Beach Resort, Maryland Beach Resort, Nayon Sa Villa Rebekah Resort & Restaurant, South Bay Breeze Resort, Shorebirds Beach Resort, and Vitug Beach Resort.

JohnDel Beach Resort
25 A.R. Apacible Blvd. Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines
Tel. no. (063) 43 - 9311387; 2162228
Telfax no. (063) 43 - 9311296
Email: reservations@johndelresort.net

Manila Office:
JohnDel Int'l Inc. / JohnDel Cargo System Inc.
Tel. no. (632) 8521504; 8510515; 8512880
Telfax no. (632) 8521504
Email: reservations@johndel.biz

Guam, U.S.A. Office
Ilao Electrical Corp. Bldg./JohnDel Supermart
P.O. Box 6577 #125 North Marine Drive
Tamuning Guam USA 96931
Tel. no. (671) 6495355; 6466400; 6353600-3602;
                        6468186; 6461256
Telfax no. (671) 6495685; 6375703
Email: reservations@johndel.biz

Villa Rebekah Resort & Restaurant
Apacible Blvd., Nasugbu West, Batangas, Philippines
Tel. no. (063) 43 - 9311108

Manila Office:
3019 P. Liwanag St., BRFV., Las Piñas
Tel. no. 8012612

Mariner's Beach Resort
Apacible Boulevard, Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines
Tel. no. (063) 43 - 9315210
Telefax: (063) 43 - 9311407
Email: ruelchit@digitelone.com

Punta Fuego
Peninsula de Punta Fuego
Brgy. Balaytigue, Nasugbu, Batangas
Tel. Nos:
Casita Front Office:
(043)-729-0180 to 82 Fax: (043)-729-0179
Reception Office:
(043)-729-0013 Fax: (043)-729-0013
Marina Office:
(043)-729-0001 Fax: (043)-729-0001

White Cove Resort
112 Brgy., Laiya Aplaya, San Juan, Batangas

Manila (632) Tel. No. 925-2562, 926-9348, 994-7392, 871-1235
TelFax: 425-0161
Cell No. 09212707660, 09235966733, 09052854047
Email: laiyawhitecove@yahoo.com
Website: www.laiyawhitecove.com
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Beaches Galore!!!
JohnDel Beach Resort
White Cove
Mariner's Beach Resort
Villa Rebekah
   Resort and Restaurant
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Nasugbu celebrates the feast of their beloved patron saint.

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St. Francis Xavier,
Patron Saint of Nasugbu

Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines